About the Treatment

The patient is actively involved in the healing process.
Since the treatment protocol is multi-disciplinary,
the therapist works from a doctor's prescription,
and remains in communication with any
and all health care practitioners
involved in the patient's care.

Initial visit includes full
medical history intake, structural
and muscular evaluation,
muscle testing, and review of results
from any dignostic tests
as well as recent blood test results.

An average office visit
includes dialog between patient and therapist,
the physical treatment,
discussion of perpetuating factors,
and patient education with regards to self help
and home care. An average office visit
lasts an hour. Patients may experience
some discomfort during the treatment;
that is because the origin of the pain
is located, and the involved tissue
is beginning to change.

Patients may also feel tenderness afterwards;
this is temporary and indicates
that tissue change has occurred.

Improved mobility can be expected
starting from the first visit,
as well as pain relief.

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