About the Center

The Long Island Neuromuscular Center
has been in business for over ten years.

Most people think of chronic pain elimination
when they think of The Long Island Neuromuscular Center.
Those treatments include Trigger Point, Craniosacral, Acupressure,
Myofascial Release, Feldenkrais, Scar Tissue Removal,
Decongestive and Lymphatic Drainage, to name a few.

But there's much more at the Center. You can get a Massage,
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Facial, or a Spa Treatment, like a mud wrap,
or a Sea Salt Scrub. Inquire about our many package deals.

The Long Island Neuromuscular Center is proud of our
ongoing Care for K-9's and Cans for K-9s Programs.
We offer free myotherapy treatments for dogs, in exchange we
ask the pet owners to make a contribution that's fair
and reasonable to our "doggy kitty". We are also the drop-off center
for any cans and bottles, even water and juice bottles. All monies collected
from these programs go toward purchasing bullet-proof vests
and squad car ventillation systems for K-9 Police dogs
on both county and state levels, as well
as helping local community animal shelters.

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